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The protective 99.9% antiviral copper mask, GlobalDistribution Partnership.

A patented protective antiviral copper mask,

99.9% antiviral effect on the Covid-19 test.

Global Distribution Partnership Wanted

You've probably never seen a mask like this before. Our Magicopper Mask is a patented antiviral mask that kills 99.9% of the Covid-19 virus. We use a patented functional film on the outside of the mask developed by adding cutting-edge compression processing technology based on the technical mechanism of antibacterial film. We have recently tested with the covid-19 virus on our mask film surface and we got the result of 99.9% killed. 1. MRIGlobal_SARS-CoV-2_Test report_R&F Chemical 2. Test report_SARS-CoV-2(COVID19)_KR BIOTECH_Maigcopper Film The Covid-19 virus test was tested by MRI Global in the US and Bio-Tech in Korea, which are internationally trusted, so the antiviral effect was more clearly demonstrated. As such, the Magicopper mask is the only proven mask capable of killing viruses worldwide. Please, feel free to contact us for the Global Distribution Partnership. Thank you. International Marketing Team R&F Chemical

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