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Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Magicopper copper film is a patented functional film developed by adding cutting-edge compression processing technology based on the technical mechanism of antibacterial film. Copper antibacterial particles are evenly distributed to the outside and inside of the film, showing a semi-permanent antibacterial effect even if the surface of the product is scratched.

Our patented Magicopper Vfilm inactivated the virus on the surface of the film in the antibacterial test (Fiti) and shows a 99.9% antiviral effect in just 30 minutes on the Covid-19 test.

In addition, the influenza virus has been shown to die at 99.9% in just 1 minute.

Why Choose Magicopper Vfilm?

  • PET clear film

  • Better protection against virus transmission

  • Antimicrobial and antiviral efficacy verified, 99.9% Covid-19

  • Recommended using at desk cover (adhesive), elevator button cover (non-adhesive)

  • Clean with a wet tower

  • No fingerprint

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