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Cooperation is a big word.

R&F Chemical Co., Ltd. is an antiviral product manufacturer No. 1 and we are ready to manufacture any antiviral items.

If you have any idea to produce an antiviral product, please feel free to contact us

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Magicopper the brand

"Magicopper" is a unique brand of copper antiviral products of R&F Chemical company.
We are eager to fight the virus together with people around the world under the name of Magicopper.
We are looking for someone to work with Magicopper in your country.
Or, we can produce copper antiviral products under your brand.
We are the number one company that can produce copper antiviral products in the world.
And, it has received antiviral certification from various internationally reputable organizations.

We believe that cooperation is a big word.

Not only Magicopper

But we work together in global

Say the word, "CO-OPERATION"

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Recognized worldwide and loved by people around the world

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