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Our Vfilm, 99.9% antiviral effect on the Covid-19 test

A patented fashionable protective mask

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Magicopper antiviral Vfilm

Our company R&F Chemical is a polymer expert group and the best antibacterial film development company in Korea.

Magicopper copper film is a patented functional film developed by adding cutting-edge compression processing technology based on the technical mechanism of antibacterial film.
Copper antibacterial particles are evenly distributed to the outside and inside of the film, showing a semi-permanent antibacterial effect even if the surface of the product is scratched.

Our patented Magicopper Vfilm inactivated the virus on the surface of the film in the antibacterial test (Fiti) and shows a 99.9% antiviral effect in just 30 minutes on the Covid-19 test.

In addition, the influenza virus has been shown to die at 99.9% in just 1 minute.

Magicopper virus keeper film

Why Choose Magicopper Mask?

  • Virus protection - Perfect droplet blocking

  • Ergonomic design to fit any shape of the face

  • Comfortable ventilation structure

  • Lining liner made of a cooling fabric with excellent sweat absorption and quick-drying

  • Washable to reuse

  • FDA registered, FITI certificate

Copper mask, Antiviral mask,  Antimicrobial mask, Antibacterial mask. Our Magicopper Mask is an antiviral mask that kills 99.9% of the Covid-19 virus.